You Are Sure To Love Water-Polo If You Like Swimming And Diving

Although certain standards have been set out by regulators and rule formulators for the game of water-polo, there are a lot of pools in the US that don't follow these rules and restrictions. A standard game of water-polo is played in a pool with different dimensions for men and different for women. Men are supposed to play the game in pools of 30mx20m, while women play it in pools of 25mx20m. These pools are usually 1.8m deep.

The game is played in zones particularly marked out using colored markings. The game involves a competition between two teams with seven players in each team. Each team aims to throw the ball into the goal-post maintained by the goalkeeper from the opposite team following certain rules and restrictions. Players can move around in the water by swimming or treading on the water. Members of the opposite team do their best to prevent the ball from crossing the line marking the goal.

The game is played over a period of 32 minutes. There are four periods of eight minutes each. Consecutive periods are separated by a two-minute interval. There is a break of five minutes to observe the half time. In case of a tie between the two teams after the time has elapsed, there are two periods of three-minute each are given. A penalty-shot decides the outcome if the score stands equal even after the extra time.

A goal is said to be scored if the ball passes over the goal-line  into the goal. In case the ball misses the goal, it is deemed to have gone out of bounds.




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