Why Scuba Diving Should Be Prescribed to Wounded Veterans

Around the Memorial Day, the Indianapolis usually fall and all the military members celebrate for this. The race day dust can be settled and the piles of booze get swept away and the Memorial Day then begins fading from your memories. It is especially useful for all those people who lose their personal dignity, self-awareness, and independence. This takes one-day time and it can also get slowed down if 24 hour periods makes this process paralysis more difficult. The feeling like makes you numb and you can then be associated with confusion over the future and this can make your future daunting. It seems that tomorrow is very far yet it is very near. Over a long period, the rate of suicide is increasing. 

The moment at which the American flag gets raised at the National baseball game and national anthem needs to be performed for a collective reflection and it also sacrifices the military service that all the members are willing to make. After the song ends and the game begins, the fans screams and the people can also make them go back to home. After the 9/11 attack, many young people that were battling came back with limbs that were blown off. It caused traumatic brain injuries and caused some horrible flashbacks for them that looped over their mind. This made them deal with depression and this could be silenced easily. Medication could help in reducing its long lasting effects. 



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