Professional Wakeboarder Defends Himself Against Criticism

Jack Hammersly, 24, is a professional wakeboarding coach, living in Farnborough, Hampshire. He was criticized for a video of himself and another professional who went wakeboarding in a flooded underground parking lot. He performed the stunt on Sunday, and he and Jorge Gill, 18, also went wakeboarding in a nearby park. Apparently, the two used a pulley to pull themselves faster than 15 miles per hour, in order to effectively wakeboard, a sport which is usually performed using a motorboat.

In defense against online criticism after his video was published on various websites, Hammersley says that the action was his choice, and he had fun doing it. He also added that people hurt themselves doing things that are even more stupid than that, and he states that he was not trespassing, as there was no sign saying that the areas were private property. In fact, he says that if the area is still flooded, he and his companion will go back again. His actions are a cause for alarm, due to the fact that the weather in the United Kingdom has been quite turbulent, and his actions were only possible due to a severe storm that had taken place. The severe weather alert has been extended.


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