Top Male Athletes Who Retired In 2014

Just like any other career, athletes also retire after sometime. In fact there are some athletes who have been forced to retire early due to issues with their health or even due to certain injuries. In this article we will be focusing on those athletes who, just like Derek Jeter, retired from their professional careers as athletes in 2014.

Landon Donovan
Arguably one of the best-known soccer players in the U.S., Landon Donovan received plenty of attention back in 2014 after he was left out from the USA 2014 World Cup squad after years of playing for the USA team. Donovan, 32, announced that he will be retiring from soccer in 2014. He has played in the MLS for 14 years and he has scored 57 goals for the USA team.

Saku Koivu
At age 39, Saku Koivu moved from his native land Finland to join Montreal Canadiens for the 1995 – 1996season. In 1999, he made history as the first European player to be named captain of the Montreal Canadiens team. In 2009 he joined Anaheim Ducks where he finished his career.

Carlos Zambrano
At age 33, Carlos Zambrano, had not competed in the big league for close to two years and just months in 2014 he announced that he will be retiring from the sport. Zambrano was a three-time All-Star who spent most of his career playing for the Chicago Cubs.

Wanderlei Silva
Silva can count himself as very, he has managed to spend an impressive 20 years in the sport doing what he says he loves the most. Silva, 38, won the Pride MMA promotion fight and he is retiring with a record of 35 – 12 – 1.


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