Roy Tarpley

Roy Tarpley a star NBA player has passed at the end of last week, at the age of only fifty. A lot of people remember Tarpley as someone who sabotaged himself through drug use, nonetheless they also remember him for the great basketball player he was.

Tarpley, standing at 7-foot, was number seven in 1986’s NBA Draft and was part of the Mavericks until late 1991 when the NBA kicked him out of the game because of cocaine use. For the next 2 years he played in Greece and was reinstated by the NBA in 1994. He went back to the Mavericks; signing a 6 year contract worth $20 million, however shortly after – end of 1995 – he was kicked out and permanently banned again. This time it was because he was drinking and wasn’t respecting the personal aftercare the court imposed on him. After being banned he went back to Greece and also played in Russia, China and Cyprus. He also played in in the U. S., however in other leagues.

His stats say everything about him as a basketball player. In the 1987-88 season – his first pro season – his average stats were 17.1 points, 15.0 rebounds over the course of 81 games. His career average was 12.6 points, 10.0 rebounds and this was for 280 games, all season games. This is actually amazing.

Everyone is horrified about this tragic event, however as Brad Davis – Mavericks’ radio analyst – stated: Tarpley could have become one of the top 50 basketball players ever if he had kept his nose clean. In the end its Tarpley the man who destroyed Tarpley the player.


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