Michael Oher about “The blind side”

Fans of movies probably remember this film and the success and fame it earned. Sandra Bullock received an Oscar, people were pretty compassionate towards the main character and it seemed like “The blind side” left us all breathless.

But what we probably forgot is that glamour and awards are one thing, and someone’s life and feelings are another.
Michael Oher who was an inspiration to director of this movie shared his feeling about it. He obviously does not see it as something spectacular and amazing, since he said that this movie hurt his career and that he doesn’t care about it at all.

It is probably because people saw him in a different way, once they had seen the movie and they probably treated him in a way he didn’t want to be treated.
Michael added that people have taken things away from him, and it all happened because of this movie.
He said that they are not paying attention to his talent and career, but more about his past and life.

Oher said that he is being downgraded because of it, because people are not interested in his skills and ambitions when it comes to his career and that’s why he is outraged and doesn’t care about this film at all.

He doesn’t want to prove anything to anyone, because he doesn’t have to. All he wants is to be treated like a professional football player, which he is, and not like a “hero” in a blockbuster.


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