Michael Jordan and his Return

There have been rumors surrounding Jordan about his 17-month retirement and him possibly coming back because he had begun practicing with the Chicago Bulls early in the month.

It was 20 year ago to the day that Michael Jordan announced his return to basketball. He also cleverly announced it in a way that was, by today’s terms, considered primitive. He sent a fax. Falk computed several written news releases and handed the formatted ideas to the basketball player. Falk says, “He did not like the feel of them. He said, I’ll do it myself.”

Jordan decided to come back by announcing his return in a star-like spectacle. He took a pen and paper and wrote on it, “I’m back.” Then he faxed it. It was a way to show the world that a person of his time period could make it in the present and additionally making a mockery of the world as it makes people stop and think. David Falk, Jordan’s agent said, “It was a sign of the times.”

At the time Jordan joined three way calling was about as close as you could get to “social media”. In fact, this was back in the days that AOL thrived. If you wanted internet that was the most popular way. AOL, actually, had just gotten 1.5 million subscribers on December 1994. Still, those users, were only allowed to AOLS online domain. Full access by AOL, to the World Wide Web, was on May 1995.

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