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Sergio Cirio wins the Advertiser/Channel 7 Golden Boots prize
Maybe you didn’t know this, but Sergio Cirio is a Spanish footballer who plays for Australian club Adelaide United Fc.
This successful footballer is very happy and he even said that this season was the best in his entire career.
We can totally understand his excitement and happiness because he is the first Spanish football player who won the Advertiser/Channel 7 Golden Boots prize.
Sergio got 84 votes, leaving Tarek Elrich behind with 20 votes less than Sergio. He got the medal from News Corp Australia’s regional director and he also got a 5000 dollars cheque from Channel 7’s general manager Tomy Davison.
Cirio was thrilled and speechless because he knew how important and good this award is and that’s why he was very happy. 
This award means that he definitely had a good season, much better than the previous one. It’s because his team played better, and when it comes to his game he feels a lot more comfortable because he is in that team for quite a while and his teammates now know him a lot better.
What is also really important and what was partially the reason why he was so good this year, it’s because this football player was injury free, which is very important for every sportsman.
This young man is getting more and more ambitious when it comes to his game. He said that he wants to do better and that he wants to score more goals in the A-League and win more trophies for his club.


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