Talk about bringing the crowd to their feet. Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine gave the slam dunk competition what it really needed reactions, in fact, two of them.
The reaction you get from fellow NBA players who are competing against you for the title of best dunk at the NBA all-star game when you dunk shows a lot and on the Saturday the reactions kept on coming from Miles Plumlee who basically turned away from his brother Mason Plumlee who was also competing in the dunk competition to face his friend with eyes bulged and the words “wow” coming out from his mouth was a perfect reaction to what LaVine was doing on the court to Milwaukee Bucks wonder kid Giannis Antetokounmpo who just placed his hands on his heads was clear indication that Zach LaVine was without a doubt the champion of the slum dunk contest.
"I just wanted to put a jolt through the crowd and get everybody off their feet," LaVine said.
Although his two dunks failed to reach his lofty standards they were enough to put pressure on Magic’s Oladipo who also got the crowd going with his first 36 dunk. Following LaVine’s two dunks Oladipo was forced to dig deep for his last dunk which I believed was a big key as to why he failed to pull it. Here is what he said about the failed attempt,
"The balls were a little too inflated, so it was bouncing just a little too high for me."
While speaking after the win, the 19 year teased fans telling them that he still had some few tricks which he wanted to use "I've still got some tricks in the bag," maybe he will get to do them next year.


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