Victor Espinoza, American Pharaoh’s Jockey

Victor Espinoza rode American Pharaoh to the Triple Crown and won it for the first time in 37 years. Little did he know that he would be a jockey because as a kid, had completely different plans for himself.

Espinoza was born and brought up in Mexico’s dairy farm, where he was exposed to an environment of thoroughbred cattle. He understood the importance of the pedigree and was also paid as a jockey. Currently, he is ranking on the top of sports industry.

Being a jockey of the highest paid stallion, Espinoza didn’t go stringy with the amount he won. The rider donated his winnings from the Belmont Stakes to the Cancer Research Center. He is 43 now and might be retiring soon, but he plans on riding Pharaoh soon. His future plans after retiring might be offering professional guidance to those who wish to become a jockey.

All we know is that Victor and American Pharoah turned out to be a good pair!




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