Triple Crown Winner 2015

Did you know that Belmont Stakes winner, American Pharaoh is the first horse to win Triple Crown after 37 years? Yes, that horse sure is!

More like an offspring of Pioneerof the Nile, Pharaoh gets his agile strength and great performance from its father and his offspring who have a great track record. In this case, Pharaoh might be the winner, but its sire is getting all the acknowledgment as thoroughbred source is considered more important.

As a matter of fact, Pioneerof the Nile has already made foals worth $60,000 each, which makes it to an annual business of more than $10 million dollars. Horse racing industry is doing extremely well due to these thoroughbreds and majority of breeders will never refrain from the fact that it is the sire that matters than the offspring. This is the reason that American Pharaoh’s breeding rights have already been sold, while Zayat, owner of both, has the remaining 75% breeding rights of Pioneerof.




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