Top Five Popular Sports in America

Sports brings relaxation, keeps the body fit and fine, provide energy to the body and works as a source of entertainment for the spectators. America is the most strongest and powerful continent of the world. To keep their bodies fit and working, citizens of America keeps themselves indulged in various sports activities. The most common among them are American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, tennis, golf and wrestling. Some of them are explained here-

American football

American football is also called rugby. Rugby is the most famous sport played in America. The biggest competition organized for American footballers is NFL (National Football League). People love watching it at home.

Baseball is the national past time for Americans. Popularity of baseball is not only in America but the craze of people for baseball is around the complete globe.

Basketball is the most played and loved sport after baseball and basketball. Basketball is organized under the completion of National Basketball League (NBA).

Ice Hockey
It is the fourth most famous sport played in America.  It is played indoors with artificial ice rings which makes it the most favorite past time hobby of majority of Americans. The famous event organized for men’s hockey is NHL (National Hockey League).

Soccer is the most popular sport played not only in America but around the world. Almost everyone is acquainted with the event FIFA which is a competition played for soccer. Its popularity can be judged through the fact that singers like Pitbull and Shakira are associated with FIFA.


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