Roger Federer about Novak Djokovic

World simply loves Roger Federer because he always seems so polite and humble, and on the other hand world likes Novak too, because of him goofy and funny personality and because he always seems so down to earth.
What most of us have noticed is that Roger didn’t like Novak before, and some of us thought that he still doesn’t. Luckily Roger proved us wrong.
Few days ago one of the biggest tennis players in the world saw a part of biography of Boris Becker where he read that there is some sort of animosity between famous Swiss and famous Serbian.
He was little bit upset, because even though he didn’t like Novak before because of his attitude, things have changed, and now everything is different, because he realized that Djokovic matured and that he became a better person, with a better attitude, so now their relationship is perfect.
Roger then talked about Boris, saying that it is wrong when you talk about so many things, because then you can say things you are not supposed to.
Of course just because Federer has nothing against Novak, it doesn’t mean that the two of them are best friends.
That’s why he said that they are not good friends, because you have to know the difference between someone who is your friend and who is your “colleague”.
He respects Novak, because he’s a professional and a good man and he is always happy to see him, but nothing more than that.
Then Roger talked about Stan Wawrinka saying that what he did in Paris was like dream coming true and that he was rooting for him like crazy.



Posted by Brooke Barns 7/17/15

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