Qatar Working On Shifting The Focus Back To Football

Just weeks after high-profile FIFA officials were arrested following corruption allegations Qatar has been working effortlessly to shift the attention back to football. After it was announced that Qatar will be hosting the world cup in 2022, there have numerous complaints regarding the process in which the country was awarded the rights of hosting the competition. In addition to that the country has also been rocked with a number of allegations surrounding the manner in which the immigrant workers in the country who are building the events stadium as well as infrastructure are treated.  

With all that on their shoulders, Qatar were dealt another major blow in the past few weeks after a number of FIFA officials were arrested in corruption related incidents. According to the police, the high-ranking FIFA officials, who also include FIFA’s vice presidents, Eugenio Figueres and Jeffrey Webb, were involved in a number of corruption activities. These activities surrounded how the world cup hosting rights were awarded and as a result the call for Qatar and Russia to be stripped off the rights of hosting the world cup got even bigger.  

In a bid to shift the focus, back to football, Qatar organized a friendly match with Northern Ireland where they allowed a glimpse into how they view football by offering a number of interviews with the players in the Qatar team including the team's captain, Abdulaziz Hatem as well as the team’s new coach Jose Daniel Carreno. If indeed this will work is yet to be known as only time will tell on whether or not the dusk will settle on this issue.





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