NHL Stanley Cup Finals, 2015

National Hockey League Stanley Cup Finals, 2015 will be taking place between Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning. Though both the teams have played very well in the past, the competition is still to happen. 

Both the teams are already tied at a score of 2-2 so far. Blackhawks can be pushed in by Lightning for a serious game on Wednesday in Chicago. The lightning already has a good goaltender to make things more serious. There are some very great players on both the teams such as Ben Bishop, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Corey Crawford to name a few. 

In the Game 4, Chicago Blackhawks managed to shots goals and evened the score by 2-1. Following the course of the game, they managed their series with Lightning at 2-2 score. Although Blackhawks quickly scored in the initial round, Tampa Bay wasn’t far behind. Both the teams picked up pace and the game ended in a tied series so far. 


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