Most Awaited 2015 Major Baseball League

The most awaited leagues of the 2015 is the MBL 2015, which has already been inaugurated on the 5th April, 2015 along with game night of Chicago Cubs vs. St. LC  in the Wrigley Field, which is worldwide famous. This year’s League will have a very long season and probably will finish on the October 4, 2015.

Major Baseball Leagues’ 86th game season will start on 14th of July this year. The game falls on the Tuesday of second week of July at the Ballpark of Great America in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
The schedule for this season will be very much different this time as compared to the previous two years. This time, interleague games of twenty will consist of 2-3 games series, in which one will be played at home and other one will be away, against each team. 

A couple of major changes can also be expected in the uniforms this year of many teams and may be they have added many alternative new designs or tweaks in their jerseys for home and away matches.


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