Lewis Hamilton cannot wear new helmet at Malaysia GP

As you know, helmets are one of the most important equipment that all Formula 1 drivers must wear. Those helmets are specially designed just for one purpose, to be strong and can protect the driver in a case of serious crash. Although, drivers can choose their helmets (I am wondering are they paying them), there are many regulations that allow or forbid wearing that particular helmet.

The interesting facts is that Luis Hamilton, one of the best younger Formula 1 drivers, cannot wear his helmet on Malaysia GP, this weekend! The explanation is always, some new rule, made from the FIA. Accordingly, to the latest rule, drivers cannot change their helmet design during the season!

Luis Hamilton announced on his Instagram account, that he had a new helmet, made especially for this race. It should celebrate Malaysia and Petronas. He added that he loves this Grand Prix! Because of this rule, he cannot wear this helmet! This FIA’s rule says, that the design of a driver’s helmet, must be the same at every event (race, qualifications and practices) during the whole season!

This young driver had problems with his car. Something about their engine doesn’t work properly! Despite this, he set the fastest time in the afternoon session on Thursday, in Sepang.

Many viewers are disagree with the FIA policy, that the more rules mean more fun! The Formula 1 cars are heavily controlled and they must satisfy numerous regulations, which is linked with lower performances. If you are a fan of Formula 1, you must remember of that sound cars produced when legendary Michael Schumacher was driving his Ferrari!


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