Fox Sports to team up with NextVR to bring in virtual reality

NASCAR fans have a reason to rejoice. Now the fans can get the pits view of the game, thanks to Fox Sports which is partnering with NextVR to bring virtual reality in to speedway.

NextVR employs a special coding system that would ease experiencing VR through a Samsung Gear VR headset when connected to a mobile phone. The two had teamed up to capture two live broadcasts of NASCAR events which are believed to be their first VR tests.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Nascar Xfinity series race were captured on two angles last week-one on pit track and other between the track and pits at 180degreees and 360 degrees angle. Both the race coverage clips were streamed immediately to the Fox Sports’ on site producers and executives. The said views are not available on standard television coverage.

NextVR has already worked with the likes of NBA and NHL as well as with other entertainers such as Coldplay, the rock band.Till now, it does not face any competition in its long form live VR content transmitting capability. So it was the obvious first choice for Fox Sprorts to partner with NextVR who have been trying to master the VR technology from the past six years. Fox Sports Senior VP field operation, DJ Roller commented on it saying that the NextVR is the only one in the market to be transmitting long form live VR content.

Once launched, the VR technology will prove to be a killer app for virtual reality .


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