Federer Discusses Major Titles with Dimitrov before the Exhibition Match

To Roger Federer, the statistics is quite simple: he has total seventeen major titles, Nadal owns 14 titles and the Spaniard simply dominates a certain Grand Slam tournament.

“In case of his winning of French Open tournament a few more times as well as I won’t win any more, and then surely he can break my record very swiftly,” Federer explained on Monday.

For the aspect regarding not winning another grand championship, Federer spoke hypothetically. At the age of 33, his game still looks great, with astonishing victories in 2 of his 3 tournaments this year that also include a recent defeat of leading player Novok Kjokovic in the tournament final in Dubai.

Then once again, in a Grand Slam, he lost in the third round to popular Andreas Seppi. On Monday, he was throwing light between the Nadal and himself in terms of winning major titles. Reports say that Nadal’s health is not up to the required standard.

“I can hope that I would make the tournament even more difficult for them, “he pointed out Djokovic and Nadal. He also added, “But we must always remember that records should be broken.”

The 2nd ranked Federer’s exhibition tennis match on Tuesday at famous Madison Square Garden is nothing else but an introduction to new generations in the sport. Gigor Dimitrov, who is also called ‘Baby Federer’, is likely to be a new king of the battle.

“I just can’t believe how he’s playing, how similar his game to mine,” Federer said.


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