Langley's Closes The Greenbrier Classic Championship With An Opening Of 62

With the golf season coming to an end, Scott Langley knew that he had to change his approach to the game for him to actually stand the chance of being great. Before even stepping on the course, Langley knew one thing and that is the fact that his swing was very good and his game had also reached sharp levels. What he didn’t know is why he was not getting the results that he wants. In hopes of turning the fortunes around, Langley opted to look deep inside and see what the problem really was. 

“After checking everything about my game I was only left with one thing to figure out and that is where my attitude was as well as my mental state,” the pro-golfer said. “Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is just look in the mirror and ask yourself what is actually wrong.” 

Thanks to that particular move that saw Langley change his attitude, he managed to do what he has not found very easy during this entire season. Langley stepped out on Thursday for the Greenbrier Classic with a great attitude that helped him end his opening day with 8-under 62. Langley managed to feature in the top 25 for the first time since February this year. 

“My outlook for this year will be different” he said adding that , “No matter what happens when we finally call it a day I need to have my attitude right in place and be the most positive guy on the course as it will keep me motivated and help me play better.” 


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