It’s Too Late To Move British From Trump Turnberry – LPGA

The controversial Mexican immigrant remarks made by 2016 Presidential candidate aspirant Donald Trump made many people very angry. In fact, there have been lots of companies, business and organizations that have publicly come forward and stated that they wont be continuing to do business with Donald Trump. For instance his show’s “The Apprentice” as well as “Miss U.S.A.” and “Miss Universe” will be forced to find a new home as NBC announced that they wont be partnering with him anymore.  

The massive fallout that was being witnessed in the country made the golfing world center stage, as they were the only entity that was yet to take any measures. That changed though as it was announced mid this week the Grand Slam of Golf will not be held at Trump's L.A. Club. Despite that particular announcement many people still requested that the golfing world should still do more so as to distance themselves from Trump and his ideology.

Despite the fact that many would want to see golf championships moved from Trump’s courses there are several things that come into play as for the case with the upcoming British Open. According to the LPGA there have made numerous plans for the event and moving it the last minute would end up interfering with plenty of things and as a result they came out early this week and stated that they won’t be moving the upcoming British Women’s Open championship from Trump Turnberry as its too late to do so.      

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