The USGA Will Not Be Backing Down Following Caddie Boot

Many were taken by surprise when the USGA decided to boot one of the caddie who was to take part in the event. Despite all the talk that has surrounded this particular actions not much has actually been revealed as to why the caddie was actually booted until now. According to the chairman of the USGA, Diana Murphy, the decision to boot caddie Paul Fusco from the Women’s U.S. Open was justified gven what he had done and they wouldn’t be backing down from their initial reaction. 

According to reports by the USGA, the caddie was caught taking pictures of documents of the course initial setup. This documents included a number of information that would be vital for the tournament for instance, the location of the holes, forecast wind direction for each of the four rounds as well as alternate tee boxes and yardages. It is good to not that this particular information is usually released to players the morning of a particular round. 

While speaking to the media, the USGA chairman, Murphy, stated that the caddie had failed to honor what golf represents. 

“We all know golf is a sport of integrity and honor,” the chairman said. “Unfortunately, one of the caddie was found trying to get his hand on information that would likely end up benefiting his player and in our mind their was no doubt that we needed to make sure that we protect the players who would be taking the field. It was basically a poor judgment on his part.”


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