Mickelson Offers No Comment Regarding Recent Report Linking Him To Illegal Gambling

The golfing world was shocked when it found out that one of their favorite and most prolific player Phil Mickelson was linked to an illegal gambling ring. Many people were keen on finding out what Mickelson had to say regarding the whole issue but despite that, the player has remained very tight-lipped and has offered no indication that he is going to actually tackle that particular topic until recently. 

While speaking at the Scottish Open, Mickelson finally addressed the said report but he did not offer any good insight as to what exactly is going on. Here is what Mickelson had to say, “We all tend to have our very own opinion of things and the minute I started to understand that many look at me as an object of discussion, it took out the personal element I had when people start to talk about me.

“Regardless of what you do, people are always going to say bad and good things about you, there are also going to say things that are true as well as things that are not true. At the end of the day I am comfortable with who I am as an individual and I don’t see why I should comment on all the reports that comes out these days.”  

Just in case you are in the dark, ESPN’s Outside line recently gave out a report that indicated that Phil Mickelson played a role in an illegal gambling scam and almost 3 million dollars of his own money was part of the whole gambling ring. 


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