Handicap: A Golfer’s Ability to Play the Game

All the sports played in this world has a measure of the ability of the players both amateurs and professionals to play that certain game. Golf is not different as well. In the case of golf, the ability of a golfer is technically termed as handicap. Handicap is essentially a numerical measure that provides an insight towards the ability of a golfer to play the game over a course of holes, which are usually 18 in number. The best of the players have the lowest handicaps in golf.
The measure of a handicap is quite simple. Usually it is represented by the stroke numbers above the par, which would be made by a player. These stroke numbers are calculated during the golf round that is above average. Many golfers have zero or less score. Such golfers are known as scratch golfers. It has been typical of any scratch golfer to beat or score upon a particular course par on a single round of the game. The additional factor, which determines the handicap, includes the difficulty level of the golf course.
Even though the measure of a handicap is simple, calculating it can be a tough challenge. It is because the golf courses are not uniform all around the world. Another aspect that increases the difficulty level in the calculations is the skill of the players. Handicap systems have often been abused the players who increase the handicaps by playing badly in order to gain valuable prizes.  This reason has banished the handicap from many major tournaments.


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