Golf Players Contend For Putting The Ball In A Series Of Nine To 18 Holes In The Golf-Course

A game of golf involves the use of a set of golf clubs to pellet a golf ball into a series of holes. These holes are located on the golf course. The trick is to use as few strokes as possible to pellet the ball into the hole. They are also known as stroke play.

The area over which the game is played doesn't require any standards. It can stretch to infinite lengths or be as small as possible. There are always a series of nine or 18 holes into which the golf ball is to be put.

The origin of the game is said to be in Scotland by some people, while others say it is in Rome. The oldest golf course in the world, as per Guinness Book of World Records is Musselburgh Links, East Lothian, Scotland. The first record of rules of the game of golf were drawn in March 1744.

Rules of the game prescribe towards the addition of an opponent's score if the golf club were to swing more than is required. Hitting the ball into wrong places also incur the same addition. Likewise, if one hits a ball out of bounds of the golf course or beyond  a certain distance. Most instances of foul play are dealt with using strokes, but in the extreme case, they might even lead to the disqualification of a player from the game. The same punishment might be meted out if a player is found using unfair means or is found cheating.

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