Why are women afraid to exercise?

A lot of reasons may spring up when women, especially on the heavier side; are asked why they choose to exercise in private rather than joining a health fitness club or outside their comfort zone.

Afraid of being judged by others was a major reason women did not exercise in public. The fear of being whispered about behind her back is always nagging in the corner of her brain. During the exercise in a health spa or fitness gym, you will be asked to wear spandex or something that will mold your body into display. Particularly the bosom, the hips and the waste part being emphasized. The shame of having to display those particular parts, especially after giving birth is a total nightmare.

The second on the list was, not knowing as ton where exactly to go or who to talk to for the exercise appropriate for her problem.

Having lost the confidence that she can actually loose the extra pounds earned during pregnancy or was already there without undergoing any pregnancy.

Women think twice before enrolling or undergoing an exercise program that was surely going to take a while for taking effect. And last on the list is that they do not know if they can actually go through the intensive exercise routines to get into shape and gain the body measurements they were dreaming of. Being sexy or being fit is hard work, but as they say; “no pain no gain”, might as well try it out and see for your self than give up not trying at all.


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