The Perfect Workout For Getting That Dreamy Butt

For many women out there, having a tone butt is on the top of their fitness goals list, but getting that torn but is another story altogether. Most of us tend to stop when we have done some cardio or some intense workout, but what we tend to forget is whether or not our booty got the attention that it requires. But these effective exercises which have been listed below are all about the booty and the best thing about them is that you can be able to do them anyplace anytime – you don’t even have to get up off the floor, I mean how good can it get.

Advanced Bridge Tabletop
Reps: 20
The Advanced bridge tabletop is usually powered by your glutes and it’s known to work out more than just your booty. This exercise warms up your entire body while at the same time giving your booty that perfect shape.

Marching Bridge
Reps: 20 Alternative Sides
A simple yet very effective exercise that helps shapes your booty. To ensure that you get the most out of it make sure that your pelvis is always in a stable state while moving your legs as this will help in engaging your glutes.

Clam Series
Rep: 20, each side
Nothing shapes up your bum perfectly than the clam series. In addition to that this exercise is very simple to do and you can do it almost anywhere and anytime.

Side Saddle Leg Lifts
Reps: 20 pulses and 20 circles, each side
If you are familiar with the barre exercise then the side saddle leg lists will be something that you will definitely like and just like each and every exercise in this list it can be done anywhere and at any time.


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