Reasons to Avoid Exercising

This is something we all look for. Even though we know that we should exercise, we never get around to it. In this article, we give you reason why you should avoid exercising. They are 

1.    Weather is awful- We all know that when the weather is bad, we can’t perform our best. This is the main reason why we see many games being called off when the weather is terrible. 
2.    Too early- None of us is morning person and hence we don’t do our best in the mornings. Now we all know that when we exercise, we should put in everything we have and do our best. When you can’t do your best, it does not make sense to waste your morning time exercising and not getting the desired result.
3.    Timing- When it comes to anything in life, timing is everything and if the timing does not feel right, then you should not exercise and wait for the right time. 
4.    Does not feel good- Most of the therapists say that if something feels good, then it should be done. When you don’t feel good about exercising, it’s like going against the therapist's advice.
5.    Too late- When you have a hard day at work and you have to come home and fix supper and hitting the gym after that will really drain you.
6.    Your family likes you the way you are- Whenever you talk about exercising, your family members end up saying they like you the way you are and if that is what you care the most in your life, it should be a good enough reason to avoid exercising.


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