Tom Brady: The Superstar of American Football

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is a professional football player from the US. He is more commonly known as Tom Brady. Sometimes he is also referred by the nickname of Tom Terrific. He was born in 1977. Currently, he plays for the team of New England Patriots for NFL (National Football League) in the position of a quarterback. He started his professional career in 2000. He had been playing football in high school. In his career, he has the record of 199 picks till date.
Brady had been involved in the game since he was a kid. He actively took part in college football and played for University of Michigan. He also worked as an intern for Merrill Lynch during the summers of 1999 and 1998. During his initial years, he was a victim of performance anxiety. However, he coped up with it successfully and performed well in his matches. When he completed his college, he was selected to play for the New England Patriots in the draft of 2000 NFL. He had been with the team since then.
He has an excellent postseason record in his career, which is 21–8. He is proud record holder of maximum playoff wins in the whole NFL History.  During his span of career with the Patriots, the team had been part of Super Bowl for six trips. Out of the six times, the team had been winner for 4 times.  He had been bestowed with many awards in his career like Super Bowl MVP for three times and many more.


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