The Basic Position of players in American Football

American football is quite a popular game in the United States. It is played between teams each with 11 players. One would be penalized if more than 11 players happen to be present in the play area simultaneously. However, the players can be substituted any number of times. 

The basic position of players in a game of American football is three:
•    Offensive: The main aim of this unit is to score via touchdowns. The lining up in the legal formation is a must so that they can snap the ball. The primary positions in the offensive unit consist of Halfback/ Tailback, Quarterback and Fullback. The key role of the offensive line is to stop the defensive line. The tight ends and wide receivers were the main receivers.
•    Defensive: The primary role of the defensive unit is preventing the offensive unit from scoring. The defensive line has defensive tackles and ends. They are responsible to prevent plays on outside as well as inside, respectively. The backfield consists of cornerbacks and safeties. The safeties are again divided into free and strong safeties.
•    Special Teams: The unit that is responsible for the kicking plays is the special teams. This unit of the team, which is in control of the ball, will be accountable for activities like field goals, punts, kickoffs and attempts. In this unit, there are specific three positions: placekicker, long snapper and holder. The punts are specifically carried out by punters.
The position and their limitations make this game interesting and popular in the nation.



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