Russell Wilson's Agent On The Position Of His Players Contract Negotiations

Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, has just sent a long 16-page letter to Seattle Seahawks. In the 16-page letter, the agent has stated his position with regards to the contract negotiation that is currently going on between his client and the team. 

The news was confirmed on Monday by multiple sources. Before that, NFL Network was first to report on the news. Once he had made his case on ESPN’s 710 Seattle radio a few days ago, Wilson’s agent is said to have sent the letter to the Seattle Seahawks. 

For this season, Rodgers client, Wilkinson, is set to make an estimated 1.54 million dollars in his final and fourth year of his contract that he signed as a rookie. He was picked up as a third-round draft choice during the 2012 draft. 

The contents of the 16-page letter are yet to be known as at now. But, many analysts do believe that in the letter the agent emphasized what he had earlier said during a radio interview and that is the fact that his client, Wilkerson is ready to play for the team until his rookie contract is over and then from there he will see what will happen next. 

“Wilkerson is currently under contract with the Seattle Seahawks,” Rodgers said adding that, “He is very comfortable to ply out the last year of his contract at Seahawks and then move on to another team if need be. I don’t in particular feel pressured whatsoever with regards to deadlines or even crunch time.”


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