Richard Sherman Doesn’t Deserve To Be Mentioned With Top Corners In NFL: Antonio Cromartie

On Tuesday, Antonio Cromartie, the cornerback of the New York Jets, said that Richard Sherman, a three-time all-professional selection for NFLS’s Seattle Seahawks, doesn’t deserve to be mentioned with top corners in the NFL. According to Cromartie, Sherman is more superior and that he is a product of his scheme. 

During an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, Cromartie stated that Sherman should “go and play with a defense which does not have two safeties who are both a All-pro.” The two All-pro’s that Cromartie is talking about are Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. 

Cromartie went on further and stated that, “that’s exactly what I will tell Sherman. Proceed by following the Number 1 reciever in the NFL. Try following him all over for the whole game and then we will be able to see what exactly you can be able to do.” 

“This is something that Darrelle Revis has been able to do for his entire career. Me personally have been able to do it so as Patrick Peterson and Joe Haden. Sherman is actually the only defencive back who hasn’t been able to achieve this fate.”

Also during his interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, Cromartie, in addition to criticizing Sherman, whom he blames for only staying in one side of the field, went on to praise and defend Revis, who he reunited with after the two spent two years apart from one another.

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