New York Jets Defensive End Rejoins The Team’s Mandatory Minicamp

Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets defensive end has rejoined the Jets mandatory minicamp after he had left the camp. While making his return, Wilkerson admitted that he was very “frustrated” with the current contract that he has with the New York Jets. However, Wilkerson made the decision to rejoin the team’s mandatory minicamp as he believes that the team and him can be able to reach a deal that will seat well with all parties. 

According to various sources, the talks between Wilkerson and the New York Jets are moving very slowly and that is the main reason why he left the team’s mandatory minicamp. Currently, the New York Jets defensive end is seeking to have a long-term contract with the team that is more lucrative. 

While addressing the media following his return, Wilkerson was optimistic that him and the team will be able to come to an agreement in the coming weeks or better yet days. 

“I don’t know that much but all I know at the moment is that the talks are starting to progress…..any other information that I will  be able to get from my agent then I will be happy to share it with you,” Wilkerson said.

Although he made his return to the team’s mandatory minicamp, Wilkerson is not sure whether or not he will be able to take part in the team’s training due to the fact that he has a turf toe injury which seems to not be going anywhere anytime soon. 

“I am not sure if I will be participating as my turf toe injury which I sustained during last season is still lingering around,” Wilkerson added. 


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