Free-agent WR Hakeem Nicks will reportedly sign with Titans

In a report, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks signed with Titans. After playing his first five years with the New York Giants, Nicks spent the 2014 season with Indianapolis. The 27 years old Hakeem Nicks listed 38 passes for 405 yards and 4 touchdowns last season in his career in 2014.

Nicks told Fox Sports, earlier this month, which he wants to prove to the world and everybody that he is not yet finished. 

He caught a career-high of 1,192 receiving yards together with seven touchdowns in the same year he won Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants.

Nick injured his foot in May 2012 and throughout the 2012 season; he later dealt with a knee injury.

The former Super Bowl champion still considered himself as the top wide receiver in football. He said that he still see himself as the best receiver in the league and that expectation ain't never going to change and eventually he’ll get the chance to prove it.

It seems that he will get that chance this year now that he is on his way out of Indianapolis.

In year 2010 and 2011, Nicks listed 1,000-yard with the G-Men and he even got a career-high 11 touchdown reception in year 2010 as well.

It is certainly won't be easy returning to that form, but Nicks will definitely do this considering that he is still young and very much in his athletic prime.


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