Deflated balls are all the rage

One of the most important news and scandals in NFL nowadays is about the deflated balls used in the Patriots against the Colts game. The balls as you may know have provided by the New England Patriots and were inflated below standard, which makes for better handling on the field.

This has turned from news to scandal to joke quite fast and nowadays we can even enjoy cookies in the form of deflated footballs. However even if the balls had been inflated as per regulation the outcome of the game wouldn’t have probably changed, as the Patriots had a superior game from all points of view.

This one thing the Colts players seem to be sure off. Dwayne Allen (tight end for the Colts) took to Twitter saying that the Patriots are simply better and even if they would have used soap balls instead they would have won. This is however not a discouraging message as Allen continues by saying that his team has to build and work hard.

Allen doesn’t refer to the correctness of the Patriot’s move and only talks about their skill which was pretty easy to see in the match. This is very big coming from a player who played for the opposing team however.

Even though the Patriot’s skill and game as team is deeply appreciated by both players and fans it doesn’t take away from the fact that what they did was against the rules. NFL is said to investigate further the issue and apply sanctions wherever necessary.


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